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From:Chinese Archaeology  Writer:GONG Jin-zhong  Date:2006-11-28






Some people live to a hundred years old, he may still be a child.

Danish fairy tale writer Andersen wrote in the "Emperor's New Clothes". Super king to wear two swindlers to weave the "gorgeous new" ceded to the streets to show off. I did not expect that echo others from the crowd broke through a rite of passage to manhood understand sophisticated children shouted: "What kind of clothes the emperor has clothes! "The bright children bring to the world of human smuggling to fire.

In the 21st century, the appearance of such a child, and he was Jin-Zhong Gong(宫进忠) "decoding Chinese mythology". "The myth is a symbol system of  national cultural " as a guide, Pangu(盘古), Fuxi(伏羲) Nuwa(女娲), Yandi(炎帝) and Huangdi(黄帝), Tang Yao(唐尧), Yu Shun(虞舜), Xia Yu (夏禹)and other Chinese gods to explain the modern meaning, which relates to astronomy, geology, archeology, and cultural studies psychology, medicine, linguistics, chaos and fractal geometry and other areas of comparative mythology, is a new integration. It can be said that this book really understood, in a sense, it's superb grasp of the ancient Chinese wisdom, unique way of thinking, there could grasp the future history of civilization.

In this paper, its main contents are as follows :


Chaos Pangu

 myths recession is the arrival of the beginning of their period of study. China's interpretation of the myth from the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period to today, It has more 2000 years of history.

Confucius representative of the Confucian school to put myths as recorded human history or art reflects the twists and turns. From Confuci pyramid as the "Ancient Emperors Moralily" and the "imperialist between surname of ancient Emperors" to Sima Qian's(司马迁) "The Historian • Ancient Discipline" This concept seems to be no doubt recognized the historical code.

Face Pangu myth, this sense meets a challenge.

Heaven and earth like a chaotic hen’s egg, which have seen Pangu, 18,000, open up space, Yang Ching(阳清,masculine)to sky, yin zhuo(阴浊,feminie turbidto land . Pagu Moving in, nine changes in a day, sacred as heaven holy as earth. Sky high a zhang(丈) in a dayland deep a zhang in a day so 18,000 years old. Very high days, very deep land, and Pangu extremely long. After appeared the Three emperors. Xu zheng" arts cluster" primers "San century,"

Pangu were born in the very first, the personification of dying : gas turn into situation, the sound to thunder, the left eye to the sunThe right eye to the moon, the five bodies and four limbs to five mountains, blood to rivers, muscles to geography, organism to soil , hair to stars fur to grasstooth to stone, marrow to jade, sweat to rain. 绎史"

Yu let Dazhang(大章)survey from the East Polar to the West Polar get 200033575 tepLet Shuhai(竖亥)survey from the North Polar to the South Polar get 200033575 step.

"Huainanzi • terrain article"

The above-mentioned "chaotic", in the Western academia, The emerging disciplines in recent years a hot-Chaos. It is open to nature, far from equilibrium, the great interaction dissipative dynamical systems to study the temporal and spatial evolution. If a system does exist Feigenvalne constants and fractal dimension, we can conclude that it was a chaotic fractal system. Since there is self-similarity between the partial and total nested structure, such as holographic photos and the structure of the human body Meridian Point.

If Yu's world as a result of the above, make Pangu’s length as  yardstick, we will get  the universe kinetic equation :

Pangu‘s length    18000 age ×354 (384) × zhang

According to "anti, motion of Dao(道), "and" the long and short  contrast, the tall and low compare "the principle of relativity, which can be drawn on two parameters :

1. fractal dimension : a step=0.73zhang, a non-leap=354days, acting to above-mentioned formula lg (200033575 x 0.73) /lg (18,000 x 354) =1.20. This is fractal dimension of and the Earth's 10-lightyear the distribution of galaxies. This is the dynamic mechanism of Kua Fu(夸父)run after the sun.

2. Feigenvalne : a step=0.1633 zhang, a leap year =384day,200033575× × 0.1633/18000× 384=4.669 - 200033575. This is the inherent mechanism that enables Yu step.

If Dazhang and Shuhai step were taken Yu step and Kuafu step, We will be the Earth's radiation belts (belt of charged particles trapped in the Earth's magnetic field) and the magnetosphere (Earth's magnetic field has been limited by the scope of the solar wind), two highly. This is a global information exchange with the outside world and an important region for energy.

Pangu, from the point of view of semantics, entwine and parcels; From Myth Motif perspective, an universe eggs of the dying incarnation; From a philosophical perspective, we will man suit nature(天 一).


Fuxi and Nuwa

Based on "Yi(易) has Tai Chi(太极), gave birth to Liangyi(两仪), Liangyi to four images(四象), four images to Eight Figures(八卦)," and "Dao(道) to one, one to two, two to three, three to all manifestations of nature " the universe forming logic, after Pangu, Fuxi and Nuwa is mixed two gods.

Shanxi(山西) Provincial Academy of Social Sciences , a researcherin the between Hongtong(洪洞) and Huozhou(霍州), Zhao cheng(赵城) town Houcun(侯村) that built in the ancient Shang(商) Zhou(周) dynasty, found  Nuwa  tomb ,unable to hold oneself back, could not wait to come reach, "Nuwa is a local real women  " conclusion. We may ask: rolled loess make men, established  marriage, ,beginning  mad  flexure ,smell live color stone to fill Heaven, kill Black Dragon aided Jizhou(冀州).the great outstanding achievements accomplished by a woman how likely?

 Out of the habit of vocational and academic training, I looked at the geographical map brains, and finally one day suddenly realize :

Yinchuan to river mouth of the Yellow River-- a kneel pregnant woman who faces west; Yinchuan(银川)—spotlessly cheek like jade; Wulate(乌拉特)

-blackened oiliness of hair; Baotou(包头)-women no less than men; Tuoketuo(托克托)-slide neck as solidifying fat ; Huayin(华阴)-delicate lovely knee; Sanmenxia(三门峡) - feet three inches of the Three cun golden lotus(foot binding); Longmen(龙门)- subtle door of the unreliable and mysterious; Fen river(汾河)- suffering course of Chinese people; Xiaoyi(孝义), Lingshi(灵石)-poor Parents wish; Huozhou(霍州) - Saber-rattling to livestock. Hongtong(洪洞)-the hole of  Nuwa fill Heaven; Dahuaishu(大槐树)-great mother's embrace. Linfen(临汾)-painful but beautiful birth baby was expected; Huang long(黄龙) - I look for my son to succeed; Wenxi(闻喜)-hear the joy of the birth of a child; Jiwang shan (稷王山) - sown seeds plows; Yuncheng(运城)- formed from pregnant woman,; Xiechi(解池) salt lake, "halogen color is red, is called vulgar Chiyou(蚩尢)  blood." Why not is the mother menstruation? Hebei(河北) - Nuwa backs Darling baby; Ziya(子牙) River- teeth of baby mouth; Sanggan(桑干) River-to instruct children, Dry grandmother made the loudest voice.

Shanxi(山西) geology, is not a map of female anatomy and physiology?

Nuwa mentioned, often without Fuxi. Fuxi ‘s deeds unusual miracul ous:

Taihao(太嗥) nee Paoxi(庖羲), surname Feng(风,wind),replaced Suiren(燧人氏,flint man) became king. mother Huaxu(华胥), walk VIP footmark in Leize (雷泽,thunder pool), give birth to Paoxi in Chengji(成纪,become chronicle),snake-body and human head, have sage moralities. Look up at sky got the image, look down at land got the law, look on veins of birds and animals suit measures to the earth, near from the body, far from matter, beginning draw Bagua(Eight Figures), in order to thoroughly understand the God head and all things emotion. Mad write replace weave ropes, there upon, beginning formulate marriage law, couple skin for the ceremony. Weaved nets to teach fishing, known Mixi. Breed prey to full kitchen, some ways known Paoxi. He has the auspicious, use the dragon as bureau critic disciplines, claim to be dragon division. Mad organ for thirty-five strings.("The Historian • fill references to the Three century")

Fu xi birthplace "Chengji" is textual researched to Dadiwan(大地湾), Tianshui(天水) City(Heaven one give birth to water), Gansu(甘肃) Province. From the Chinese map, which constitutes a long talk an affectionate couple.  Shan(陕), is sandwiched between the two Big Ear.

Fuxi, the eastern horizon, wishing out under the sun, the dawn of Chinese civilization, the source of ideas and culture. The great national collective ancestor.

In Chinese mythology, has deep astronomy geological background: the story of Fuxi and Nuwa corresponding Cowboy(牛郎,Steinbock β) and Spinning Girl  (织女,Lyra α) echoes; Shanxi stratigraphic record of the evolution of life on Earth footprint; Yu she group ancient vertebrate fossils is unique and irreplaceable in the world. Myth is the logical framework of the nation history. Shanxi great majority famous historical figures are women: the famous female Queen Wu Zetian(武则天), Empress Yehenala's(叶赫那拉), a national hero Liu Hulan(刘胡兰). Kongxiangxi(孔祥熙,brother-in-law of Chiang Kai-shek) is from this land. Ms. Ding Ling for "Sun over the Sanggan River," gained Stalin Medal, Zhang Yimou's(张艺谋) "Raise the Red Lantern" (adapted according to the "A group wifes and concubines"), elected in Pingyao(平遥) location Qi(祁) Family Courtyard.


Emperors Yan and Huang

 Emperor Yan and Huang mentioned, it is natural to associate Fanshan(矾山) Zhuolu(涿鹿) :

"Xuanyuan(轩辕,lofty shaft) and Emperor Yan war in Banquan(阪泉) field. Chiyou(蚩尤) stage an armed rebellion not comply with Emperor’s wish. So the emperor call up dukes war Chiyou in zhuolu ‘s field. So caught and  killed Chiyou. dukes deferred Xuanyuan as the Emperor. "(" The Historian • Ancient Discipline ")

according to the orthodox view. This is the ancient times clans war, the clans use birds and beasts as totem. But in Henan, Hubei Huangdi and Yandi why the remote northern Hebei to travel long distances to go for?

Historical conception again meet with censured in here. When asked Zi Gong(子贡), "ancient emperor Huangdi four faces, is reliable?  "Confucius has cunningly dodged : It is the emperor sent four confidants to four sides run a country. When Luaigong(鲁哀公) consult why "Kui(夔) one foot", Confucius is the same tact : "as a good kind of personone like Kui only one enough. "Chinese has been since the onset of multiple solutions.

Inverse of a popular folk tale in Henan help us solve the puzzle of the Yellow Emperor myth: Xinzheng(新郑) county north, the foot of Juci(具茨) mountain, lived a married couple Shaodian(少典) and Fubao(附宝). A gust of whirlwind, together with the report of lightning so unconscious FuBao was pregnant. Two years later, she gave birth to a meat ball, a ten-year-old children from Homes, he is Xuanyuan star(responsible for thunder and rairl) descend to the mortal world for the plight of the people. According to her dream "mad wind blown dirt, heroic man drive cattle" to find Fenghou(风后,wind rear)and Limu(力牧,power herd), commanded them as  the prime minister and general, overcome Chiyou, to become sheikh of Xiong(Bear) Kingdom.

Still face the map of China, let us begin to open up the imagine wings : the bent to the mouth of the Yellow River-imperial car Big Dipper projection in the land of the projection; Centre high mountain Songshan(嵩山)-steering shaft-horse; Henan Xinzheng(河南新郑)- throne of steersman Huang(yellow) Emperor ; Taihang(太行)-imperial car beam; Luliangshan(吕梁山)-imperial car vice beam.

Fanshan(alum mount) Zhuolu(pursue deer) is a language game : alum can refer to the muddy river sediments land become mountain, called the turbid  land also Zhuolu.

Nuba(女魃) stop wind is also a language game : Chiyou indulges in wing and rain, the emperor invited to Nuba assist in fighting with great courage, as expected the woman arriving, the wind stopped. according to the "Book of Mountains and Seas," Nuba ,no hair female bald head. Imagine: a bald female singer talked about how dissolute(wind flow)? It is also stop the wind.

Huangyan myths same exist astronomical background: Fanshan Zhuolu fables is a reproduction of “Orion shooting Sirius” on the earth; Huailai –Badaling(怀来-八达岭)tectonic interpretation of remote sensing images this area was at daggers drawn, it’s spearhead directed Zhuolu Fanshan;E(鄂) Northwest Shennongjia(神农架), Yuanan(远安), Wudang(武当) Mountain, Suizhou(随州) showing up along the Yangtze platform four old landmass, the distribution shape, just like the print of the lose Yandi foot and buttocks.

Yanhuang myth has become the historical Prophet. Zhuolu Fanshan area from ancient times to the present is filled with the smoke of gunpowder and power rivalry bloody battle field: Huailai Jimingyi(鸡鸣驿) Town, Genghis Khan(成吉思汗) Mongolian cavalry, Ming Ying Zong 明英宗)“Change of Tumu(土木)”, Li Zicheng(李自成) march towards Beijing, Cixi(慈禧) was seized with terror, Pingjin(平津) battle Xinbaoan(新保安) fighting took place in the here; E Northwest regions due to Qu Yuan(屈原), Song Yu(宋玉), Wang Zhaojun(王昭君), Xiangfan(襄樊) defending, and general Zhang Zhizhong(张自忠) more tragic proportions.

From a psychological perspective, YanHuang-the symbol of two contradictory complementary character. Huangdi, the world order legislators, mysterious and unpredictable political leader charisma is the delegate of dominant rule and authority; Yandi resist ant impulse, spokesman of the populace, natural inventors to be agriculture, medicine and trade. To be doomed to failure.

Monarch Yao, Shun and Yu

I am not talking about falling into the patterns of history, will be incurred public wrath. When I made real history of the Yao, not specific figures, A colleague furious enough to be a "Guard Yu tomb, Si's(姒氏) family for 4,000 years," August 3, 2001 as the "Legal Daily" refute. In fact, the light ring centered on the "SI's World spectrum," it is not difficult to covering the stripping by a little brains: no written record of ancient times. A certain person who Yu’s admirer oneself claim to be Yu’s later generations and produce a family tree, this often before, finally moved to a certain ruler, and therefore the sole Progressive Lord, and recorded in the annals of history. Furthermore, you can take 4,000 years ago, the birth certificate?

GuXieGang(顾颉刚) represented in the "Debate on Ancient History before Yinshang(殷商)" also touches upon a certain level of Chinese origin myths: Towards the Chinese history, including the former "Historical Records" and "Zuozhuan(《左传》)," the records Qin-Han(秦汉) scholars are "tired layer to the high antiquity forgery. "Yu founder of the Xia Dynasty is a bug”. Unfortunately, this is often called national nihilism sent the label.

Here, the history of civilization and history should strictly distinguish, the former refers to transform the nature of human understanding of the social life of all the achievements, the latter is strictly an accurate record of the event sequence. Not that the 5,000-year history of the Chinese nation, remain in a long history and splendid civilization. Aristotle once said that poetry is more real than history. Freud's subconscious that is more reliable than sense. D.Lindberg scholars in the United States "Beginnings of Western Science" (2001) that the anthropological study showed that In the absence of language and cultural environment, only the flow of information through face-to-face "dialogue the long-chain of ring on ring" in transmission. This tradition is unlikely to have the archives and scientific reports (Imagine: If not rely on written records. Each of us can accurately remember the deeds of older generations? ).

According to the above definition, it should be calculate from B.C.841 in China's history (the first year of Republican Zhouli King周厉王), a step back, only forward to the YinShang shell-bone character times. Earlier in the Yao, and much of the story has appeared extraordinarily vivid informative manner.

Yao did not write more on the records, but the sun and moon pass sky, rivers stream flows land.

Bright illumines sides, stringent upper and under. Great restraint, clansman harmony, People has been righted and coordinate cooperation among all countries. ("Chancery •YU book• Yao Karisho")

Yao rules land under heaven, winter deer fur, summer pueraria lobata elothes, dirty thatched cottage not clip, chop rafters not pave, coarse food edible wild herbs soup, although this has been on the losing the custodian supply. ("Han Feizi • five moths")

Yao intention in the world, there anyone hunger, there anyone cold, there anyone commit a crime, he considers I have responsibility. ("Said Yuan •  King Way" )

It is not so much reality of the existence of the emperor, it is better to say that Confucianism is the lofty political ideals.

Sun is the story of twists and turns and breathtaking: Yu Shun, name Chongtong(重瞳,double pupils), the descent can be traced back to the emperor Huang. His father Gusou(瞽瞍,without pupils), the Shun’s mother died, stepmother gave birth to Xiang(象,elephant). this family on purpose unhealthy, several murders Shun, all ended in failure (see "The Historian • Ancient Discipline").

"This is the same root, why frying was worried?" Mencius’s student Wangzhang(万章) seems to see some thread of spider and trail of a horse: xiang most heartless why "Xiang glad also glad, Xiang worries also worry? "why" offered xiang official post’s to Youbi (有庳,lower)? "

Actually, It is a Taoism fable on the relationship between Idea(Shun) - Images (Shun younger brother ) - Language (Shun younger sister).

Dayu administer water is the natural human comprehensive model of run a country in the light of law.

Look at the causes of flooding : "The past Gonggong (共工,public opinion) and Zhuanxu (颛顼,imperial car ) scramble for Emperor, rage and touched Buzhou Mountain (不周山,tottering the state political power), the heaven column was broke, the earth system cut off. the heaven collapsed towards Northwest, the sun moon and stars was shifted; the earth drawback on the southeast, so the water flooded and dust flooded to here. "(" Huainanzi • astronomical Chapter ")

To control the surging floods. Monarch Yao convened an enlarged meeting of the Politburo: Fangqi(放齐), Huandou(獾兜) separately elected Danzhu (丹朱,Yao's son) and Gonggong, all was vetoed. the final reluctantly agreed to allow Gun (鲧,plots) to assume the responsibility.( "The Historian • Ancient Discipline").Gun spent nine years, without success. Yao order zhurong(祝融) killed Gun in Yu Mountain (羽山,overt).Gun three-year-old died not rotten, gave birth to Dayu( "Book of Mountains and Seas") Yu gave way to dredge the flood serving ,as the Xia(夏) Dynasty were opened.( "Historical Records •Xia this century")

"Yu rule floods, through Huanyuan(擐辕山) Hill, become the Bear, tell Tushan(涂山): wish to entertain, you listen to the drumbeat. Yu jumped up the tone, accidentally hit the drum, Tushan go to, see Yu just now as the bear, shamelessly away. to Songshan, just birth to Qi(启,open. Yu saying:” give back to my son! ground-breaking North Qi(open) birth. "(" Heaven "primers" Huainanzi "),

This fable has said, Qi birth, Yu expend all one’s energies. Let loose and soft mud become hard rock(Yu ask to Tushan as the rock)to stem the erosion of torrential floods.

Let My dynasty nation solid as a rock of mountains of rock and future generations! It seem such that yaoshunyu myths is Xia dynasty rulers carefully woven a lineage system, as the foundation for rule legalize.

Exegesis used to send this market: Tang Yao(faraway), unattainable utopian ideal, the noble goal of Confucianism; YuShun. difficult to grasp a wink that formation of the significance, the historial origin of Daoism; XiaYu, from confusion to great order, the time seems stagnated prosperous age that.


Xia, shang zhou Dynasties

Shang and Zhou Dynasties period, most of the summer has entered a historical perspective, but it is not difficult to squeeze the water out of the myth, sorted out the political fable of Chinese nation.

Third-generation ancestor has extraordinary sources. Its historical figures and more for the semi-divine mixed so prepared."

Yin qi‘s(殷契) mother Jiandi(简狄), the daughter of Yourong(有戎), primeimperial concubine of Emperor Ku(喾). Three are bathing, see a black bird into its egg, Jiandi take swallow the egg, for pregnant bird to Qi "(" Historical Records in this century ") records, is none other than" monarchical divinely ordained. ""Receive Heaven bear fortune" to the origin or in a footnote.

Xia,Shang,Zhou constituted a historical  cycle vast, from  broken to complete :Huangdi - Luo Ming(骆明)  - Baima(白马)--Gun-Yu-Xiajie /YourongQi-Cheng Tang - Shang King Zhou / Youtai(有邰氏)Jiangyuan(姜螈) birth to Houji(后稷) - WEnWu(文武)-Zhouyou(周幽), Zhouhe(周赧). the three generations Completed  water-fire-soil the dialectical logic movement: the Xia has an indissoluble bond with the water, the Shang is full cut, Cook intention. The zhou with the land for farming. "Xiajie(夏桀) killing Longfeng(龙逢), Yiyin(伊尹) leaves Xia go to Tang(汤)," and that signify loss of sap trees, cut off water after rain;" Shang King Zhou cut open Bigan(比干) watch his heart, imprisons Xibo(西伯) Youli(羑里)", implied that silk is cut off, lambs are trapped. Wuwang has established later, from Jizi(箕子) acquirded  Hongfan jiuchou(洪范九畴). That heaven bestowed Xiayu(夏禹). Baosi(褒姒) unexpectedly is deifying dragon’s semen bred and It belong to xia Dynasty Bao(褒) nation, that she led to Zhouyou king(周幽王) was killed by Quanrong(犬戎) in Lishan(骊山). Zhou Dynasty important figures and historical events like interrelated with sprouting and teeth:  Jiangyuan(姜原), Jiangziya(姜子牙), Luwang(吕望,prosperity).Wuwang(武王) teeth By teeth(齿并齿), Boyi Shuqi (伯夷叔齐,up with a short and a long cut off)).Xia,Shang,Zhou, is also the continuous of language nomination.

The story of Shang King Kongjia(孔甲) drove dragon, a graphic illustration power subtlety and difficult to control. Liu Lei (刘泪,tears), poor feeding the dragon, but he was granted drove dragon surname by Kongjia, final abscond to avoid punishment due to the female dragon; Shimen (师门)adept in drove dragon, but not conform to Kongjia purpose, was executed. ”Kongjia memorial and pray him, he return and die on road."(" Magazine listed pyramid ")

from several monarch and chancellor story, we can be summed up monarch and subject in the following types.

Cheng Tang – Yiyin cooking: "Yiyin, name Aheng(阿衡), who Aheng, Youxin(有莘氏)  woman get son in the open mulberry , shoulder the tripod talk to taste for Tang soup. As for Kingly way. "(" fable • The flavor Chapter ")

Wuding(武丁)-Fushuo(傅说,write and direct)type :" Gaozong(高宗) cool overcast, three years in silence. "(" The Analects of Confucius Gazette • Q ")" Wuding night dream meet the sage, name Shuo(say). "Wuding suffering from aphasia; Wuding anew start to talk by found Fushuo.”

JiChang(姬昌)-Luwang performance type: "Wenwang(文王) go by field car, driving field horse, plough field in the Weiyang(渭阳) finally see Taigong (太公), sit cogon grass  to take fish. "

 Jinpinggong(晋平公)- Shi Kuang(师旷) bosom type:"Shi Kuang, Jinpinggong musicians. "Jinpinggong a cast large bell, knowledge Shi Kuang is also appreciated.

Zhou King(周灵王)-Changhong(苌弘)  band together type: "Wu King attack Yin, Ding Hou(丁侯) is not worship, Shangfu(尚父) shoot Dinghou’s portrayal, Dinghou fall ill, send a envoy ask submission."( " arts assemble "), however, Zhouling King (he was “asked tripod” by Chuzhuang King) requires Changhong old tactics repeat, but It is ineffective.

The story of Yu locks Jiao() said the emperor must always lock their hearts depressed lazy, insensitive to the poor kike Root.

The evil of Xiajie(夏桀) and Shangzhou(商纣), the Kings of subjugate a nation, mass production of the assembly line, all is woman’s charms nation the different editions. Confucius myth is a typical no post power. Confucius died, "Sishui(泗水) back flow." His perish soul still bless and protect their Ku state.

In addition, in the "Book of Mountains and Seas," the myth of Wanghai(王亥) loses sheep in Yi(易) by Quyuan(屈原) and Guopu(郭璞) deductive become Yin prince Hai profoundly affecting love tragedy. The author compare the myth with fixed star evolution models : Wanghai entrust river uncle servant to Youyi-star began to leave the main sequence star; Hai as serving cattle -star expansion; Youyi  killing Wanghai, take servant cattle; Corpse of midnight, the body is divided into seven -- supernova explosions.


Hou Yi and Chang E

This section may suffer the circumstances that have been 100 years ago, when Freud published "The Interpretation of Dreams," even worse, be sealed and killed or castrated by the editors, so that the impact of reform and opening up and cleansing experience. People's tolerance improved significantly, making it possible to openly discuss "That questions."

Except sex, I can not think of a better way to interpret the myth of Houyi(后羿) and Change(嫦娥). This should belong to the Chinese nation philosophical thought on the two sex relationship.

According to the "Book of Mountains and Seas," and the "Huainanzi", "Ask Heaven" and so on, I will synopsis Houyi and Change as follows :

"Yi, ancient be good at shooting adjust to bow and arrow and stand fast their. He handle bow, look closely at their height and below, has the way for must hat the mark, so a hundred shots. "

"Yi Yi's Youqiong(有穷氏,poor),  five-year-old in the proper way mountains, Spread Chuhufu(楚狐父,father Fox )way. "

"Yi Yi, parents into the mountains. Yi Yi 20 years old, the study will bow and then to find oneself. "

"Yao age, the ten sun juxtaposed, and that the focus of crops and killing vegetation, and no people food……. Yao order Yi under shoot ten sun and under kill Qiyu(契俞), break long snake in Dongting(洞庭)…….Yi shoot nine sun, the sun fall become Wojiao(沃焦). "

“Change, she was Yi’s wife, steal Xiwangmu immortal medicines, rush to the moon.”

"surname Wu Gang, learn to celestial being has mistake, was punished to cutting sweet-scented osmanthus on the moon.”

Shaohao’s(少昊) mother Huange(皇娥), live in spin palace and night weaving, or to take a raft tree day travel, pass poor mulberry and dark blue. when a child prodigy, looks Lily, as the son of Bai Di falling between water, swallow game with Huange,…… Huange give birth to Shaohao, name Qiongsang(穷桑) .

"Shaoao(少嗥) name his officers by bird, why do it?"

"In former days, Youxia has declined, Houyi move from Chu(锄,hoe)to Qiongshi(穷石,poor stone), follow Xia peoples to replace Xia government, relying on his shooting, the civil bad repair. And obscenity as primitive animal……Yi from field would go home, Hanzhuo(寒浞) kill and cooking him, feed to his son ,his son could not eat, die in Qiongmen(poor doors)."

For give for taking the liberty to  the following" extensive sex" interpretation :

 Yi, the penis that indulge in extravagance and luxury, every fight all shooting; harmonica bow organs of sexual symbol.

Chuhufu(Father Fox),  the endocrine system that control by pituitary – gland and hypothalamus.

 Shaohao qiongsang(poor mulberry),  silk worm cocoon and chrysalis, Testicular Metaphor; Shaohao name his officers by the bird, "penis it as a Bird"; Houyi  five year in the proper way on the mountain, sexual Enlightenment;20-year study will bow , sexual maturation; Yi break the long snake in Dongting, idea obscenity and masturbation, sexual  drills, running horse, fire fighting aircraft; Yi shooting nine sun, actual combat and open fire, the sun his mother; Wojiao, the universe sperm.

The moon, yin cream, it is therefore not yang hard, so cutting sweet-scented osmanthus not snapped; Change, She was the beautiful woman who everyday, frequently, formerly belong to id, ego, super-ego; Chang’e rush the Moon, fire and water have not benefit, the Yin and Yang separation; ten sun juxtaposed the lack of Kidney-yin. Yang hyperactivity Yin deficiency of Diabetes Perimenopausal Syndrome; Hanzhuo, dried numbness, such as abdominal pain Kidney failure of various symptom. Youqiong(poor), limited life, The life limited. Pure yang Dao man poem: "both eight women  body like weak, waist hold sword chopped stupid men. Although did not see head down, has been secretly urged your bone dried up."

From Swiss psychiatrist S. Fanti micro-psychanalyse: Wojiao, the most basic lasting energy matrix; Oriental Shaohao country, the basic energy into particle constitute Vain neutral force [DnV]; Yi shot nine sun, sexual dynamic random collisions increased particulate loading activation; Chiyou for storms foggy, tension goes particulate activated the "bubbling"; Shennong(神农) trying different kinds of herbs, a particulate form of the release of energy shocks " tension pseudopodique," constitute (Ide) or instinct essais; Emperor Yan and Huangdi, try decreasing potential, eventually trigger a psychological material relative to the individual entities.


Nine states and Twenty-Eight xiu

Nine states and Twenty-Eight xiu(九州二十八宿)is called Kyushu(分野,Fenye) astrology theory of ancient Chinese, that exist a correlation between the stars in heaven and the regions on earth. Theater forecast changes in the world order with the planetarium.

Nine states argument was first seen in "chancery • Yugong": after Yu administer Water, world will be divided into nine states.

Twenty-Eight xiu(宿) is a star region divide along ecliptic equatorial belt. The sky will be divided into 28 regional divisions star system. Its appearance no later than the Spring and Autumn Period. and the origin problem is a insoluble puzzle for confusion and incomprehension hundred test hundred fans (Jiang Xiaoyuan researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Observatory).

"Official Historian • heaven officer book " has been recorded an early system of Fenye. its origins were waiting a mental discernment outstanding insight hits the target(guess right) when he says to (Wang Hongqi language).

Language is the home of existence, is a limit of human existence, is a basic characteristic of human nature. Language is naming of the world, will things into words to express thoughts and feelings carrier. truth is existence itself as language said statement and manifests and open to brighten or clarity. Myth artistic beauty is a way to open the truth. it is the occurrence and development of truth.

"Official Historian • heaven officer book," compared the Big Dipper as imperial car: " the Big Dipper as imperial car , it moved in centre, controlled all sides, partition off Yin and Yang, established the four seasons, divide equally Wuxing(五行),fix the era, all be in the Big Dipper. Confuci said, act policy by good, like the Big dipper, living his lodging, the mass stars join hands to him.”

Northern China platform is the projection of imperial car.

Eliade in "the history of world's beliefs and religious thought" (1987):"Chinese traditional images of the universe, make clear, the universe constitute by the Quartet that around a vertical axis between heaven and earth, the heaven cover by hemisphere, the earth like square car, the central pillar to support up the vault of heaven. China is at the center of the world, the capital is the central of kingdom, the palace is the central of capital. "Experience and imagination of the world(heaven earth man), have formed a rate straighten out the order of the Kingdom. In ancient China, in order to establish the value of their originality, based on the concept of patterns and behavior.

 rich in ancient China known leading to the reunification of the World Health holographic his geological knowledge of astronomy. Twenty-Eight Kyushu is the perfect art of the ancestors select and handle the living environment, Comprehensive evaluation toncestors select and handle the r.Big dipper,living his loding,the mass g; harmonica organs of the ecological and geological environment.

Based on the theory that myth is symbol system of nation cultural, a new explore to the Origin of Kyushu.

JI(冀) state-Tau(昂,militant),Tau(毕,fence):the land of imperial capital / thunder and lightning, the powerful weapons in king hands.

You(幽) state-Sco(尾,tail), Sgr(箕,dustpan) :how quiet the imperial garden / imperial cars long tail.

Bing(并) state-Peg(室,room),And(壁,wall): temporary abodes in the imperial villa / the mirror in bedroom.

Yu(豫) state-Sco(房,House),Sco(心, heart): My imaging, the official revelation, China's political arena frontier history and culture / luxurious palaces for the construction and treacherous done.

Yong(雍) state-Gem(井,well), Cnc(鬼, ghost): imperial appearance of elegant and poised, quiet and  in elegant taste/ king's palace Beauty culture prescription only Well aware of the Wizard(ghost) in well.

Qing(青) state-Aqr(虚,weak),Peg(危,danger): I wish monarch eternal youth, eternal life / weak, crisis and tombs is youthful enemy. Qufu , Yellow Emperor's yin manor.

Yan(兖) state-Vir(角,bugle),Vir(亢,haughty),Lib(氐,support): Washington pinch emperors tuxedo / scepter, imperial jade  seal and codes.

Xu(徐) state-And(奎,gyu, helment),Ari(娄,trouble),Ari(胃,stomach): imperial car slowly stopped to / king is physically, he will dining and drinking.

Yang(扬) state – Cap(牛,bull), Aqr(女,women): The imperial car raise cosmic dust / qualified monarch king should abandon to be immersed in love.

Jing(荆州) state-Crt(翼,wing),Crv(轸,carriage) :losers Yandi flee to the barbarous uncultivated land/ the hillock is overgrown with brambles, flee in panic.

Nine state Twenty-Eight xiu Kyushu system will not only show the Chinese nation can conquer the world gallop Tangtze  rivers unrivalled in bravery, but also reflecting a distant source and long stream, deep rooted official position, entrenched.


Study Origin of the "Book of Mountains and Seas"

the "Book of Mountains and Seas," and "The Book of Changes(I-Ching)" "Virtue Book," said the three Ancient rare Masterpieces. Although it is only over 31,000 characters,  but relates to geography, history, religion, myth, folklore, astronomy, animals, plants, minerals, medicine, anthropology, ethnology, geology, oceanography and many other fields. indeed ancient encyclopedia.

Geographers from the book geography knowledge extracted from the original ancient China; geologists regard by the book as the world's most ancient mineralogy literature; Mr. Wang Hongqi(王红旗) from the Book came out in astronomy; Lu Xun(鲁迅), the "Book of Mountains and Seas," "ancient Witch books  "; Dr. Li Weidong(李卫东) bold assumption : universe High grade  life to try different combinations of animal genes on Earth to test to create new human beings, In this process is not successful semi those strange species of the "Book of Mountains and Seas".

Since Qin - Han Dynasties, Most people tend to use the material world phenomenon peculiar to verify the peculiar description by the "Book of Mountains and Seas", As use awakening to realize dreamy. According to the Western Han Liu "on the Book of Mountains and Seas," Xiaowu(孝武) emperor age, a man has presented a strange birds, raised her all type foods, has refused to eat. DongFangShuo(东方朔) seen, said the bird's name, it should raised by which, as Shuo speech, Xiaowu asked why you know, and that is also out of the "Book of Mountains and Seas". "Unfortunately, such examples are rare, after all. Global scope of geology, archeology, anthropology, no fossil record to support the "Book of Mountains and Seas" records.

The phenomenon is clearly seen with the naked eye verified the text of the "Book of Mountains and Seas" is not going to work. There ontology, epistemology and methodology obstacles.

Chronicle Staff Guopu(郭璞) Eastern Han is worthy of the legacy successor of Pre-Qin culture. cemetery caretaker, from the point of view of modern science, "annotation for the Book of Mountains and Seas" at least several meanings can be decomposed as follows :The essence of the "Book of Mountains and Seas," is information imaging by heaven earth living Multi-elements (visible light, non-visible light), the whole perception (perception Super- perception and secondary perception) comprehensive. Human’s sense perception of the experience of reality, far from the world as a whole; the material phenomenon is fantastic or commonplace, often with the singular, largely depends on the starting point of understanding main body. The human race has always been the yardstick of their own cognitive outside (Anthropic Principle); and the phenomenon is strange or not strange that the main are subject to cognitive expectations.

I know that "Book of Mountains and Seas" by four different parts of Hill pile up, in side seas, overseas and great wastes, not on the horizontal increase progressively, It is from the bottom to the overlay, different layers circle of the Earth's surface into interplanetary space heaven and earth living comprehensive Information imaging.

“Hill Book “correspond to the Earth's lithosphere, hydrosphere. Biosphere mountains, rivers, the great majority mingle with a small amount of super-sense organs Imaging products. This part has clear veins and precise coordinates position.

 “In side seas Book” correspond with the Earth's atmosphere. Only a few tall hill geophysical field can achieve this range, material composition is the thinner, Myth composition markedly increased.

“Overseas Book” correspond with the Earth's outer atmosphere circle, a more rarefied material. Almost all is a myth Kingdom.

“Great wastes Book” corresponding with solar atmosphere sphere and interstellar space, more interrelated to operations of the stars. “Overseas Book” shines with the sun and the moon, pass through with stars, discipline with the four seasons, essentials with Taisui(太岁) ,“Pass through” is the “Book(classic) of Mountains and seas”, the “classic “ meaning the heaven earth living resonant rhythm latitude longitude and veins mingle.

In the "Old Testament • Creation". Jehovah are all kinds of animals and birds to Adam before he addressed how those organisms, It is the name. Chinese "Book of Mountains and Seas" is a name of their own living environment.

Ming "Apotheosizing Tales" can be regarded as the Ming Dynasty "Book of Mountains and Seas". But it more concise, logical thinking, the performance more dramatic circumstances, it is separated and naming from the heavens to the earth, The projection on the heaven that people's resentments, is the Chinese Homeric epic.

From Xuanyuan(轩辕) descend to the mortal world to Ziya(子牙) conferred upon deities Tales completed heaven-man-heaven logic cycle.

Greece Olympus mountain spectrum ancient Greek national "Book of Mountains and Seas," and "conferred upon deities ". China and Western in common: Inquiry of Earth origin, and explore human birth. different is that the Greek land, and the nether world, the ocean of separation of powers. China's top-down pyramid structure; Greece attention wisdom, love, beauty Tseng and other individuals feel, but the Chinese tend to ethical value system virtue and sages, benevolent, moral, social wellbeing.

Ming LI Ruzheng(李汝珍) in the "Mirror flower fate(《镜花缘》)" by the "Book of Mountains and Seas," to express his political social and cultural ideals. On the basis of senses perceivable to the experience facts make theoretical hypothesis, design mathematical model under go experimental detection equipment, falsification or confirm the conclusions. This is the essence of modern science as a methodology. Modern science as human society historical morphology has been rapid development. But in the mind, spirit, psychology and other fields so far received little stagnancy, has fully exposed the limitations of modern scientific methods. While the stripping from the "Book of Mountains and Seas," out astronomy, geology, history, biological, and other modern pieces of science. But it is definitely not the core essence. using modern scientific thinking to analysis the "Book of Mountains and Seas," and other classics just like seek the sword by carve boat(fable), scratch itch by outside boot, ineffective.

Scientific  research literature is not even the best way .science and technology, religious and theological ,literature and art should be an integral part of human culture ( "Book of Mountains and Seas," is an example of the three organic)grasp the truth of human understanding of the different fruits form of nutrient elements in the healthy development of human society. We should be given equal attention.


Comparative mythology of China and foreign

Language and image impact on people's perception to real exist. Myth is a national initial thinking spark, is stability background bottom line of the national ideological history. Collingwood make ideological history as the only real history that effect the present life history.

In the thinking world. Myths are often the ancient sacred evidence of rationality and legitimacy, their traditional ethics values and significance has authority by time given and anticipatory self-evident. Since myths bore a heavy cultural symbols. Among the occasion of the world, and opposition voices in the international situation, take national mythology as a whole, Analysis similarities in personality, which has become a pressing.

The different nationalities myths have the same theme. Its causes and course, said that it is spreading around the dissemination of the results of minority origin, However, as the area has not experienced floods have also said the problem was difficult to explain the floods. human physiological structure and the structure is not much different. As the myth of spiritual expression, there is naturally a similar theme, which is that the so-called balanced development.

First, animism belief is common foundation, this belief based on the pre-logical thinking of law participation that no distinction between subject and object. They all agreed that god is the creator or rulers of the world.

Secondly, From this point of view Myth Motif (that the narrative text basic elements or modules), among all world the some nations often appear following myths Motif: On the origin of the universe and the cosmology (A00-A899), make man by mud (A1241), World Flood (A1010), virginity pregnancy (A1200-A1699)abandoned by their parents or far from their parents (A1200-1699).

Third, The myth of different nationalities showing the same language structures. Myth is the spiritual home to Poetic live. myth and language with the same origin, linked with the structure of human thought and language will be shown through myth. Comparative Perspective. We can be found with the following name structure: Ban[Babylonia]-[Chinese盘古


 -[English ]Light-[ German ]das licht-[ Greek ]Zeus; [Chinese]女娲- [English] ]in/wo;[ Chinese]黄帝(道) - [English ]go; [Chinese]炎帝- [English] ]Bar;[Chinese]-[English ]Lun; [Chinese]羿- [English ]pen.

In addition,尧-far,-twi,-det,-bla,-ph,-ill,女魃-bald,夸父-clo,蚩尤-cro, 沃焦-ov, etc.

We even can say, Chinese myth figures corresponding some English affixes, Chinese myth story is the describing to English words form, this let us associated with the folklore of Babylonia Great tower in the Bible.

Nature near and custom far, benevolent like hill, wise like water. The difference between the natural and geographical conditions, lead to social history and culture of various nations in the world are endowed with all the personality characteristic color.

The ancient Egyptian myth can be considered the beginning of the world. Myth with many gods as characteristics, Each king even people even plant and animal want to deities. Past dynasties not spare the human and material resources to build at an alarming scale of pyramids. For ensure the continued existence of the soul after death. The all land shrouded in shadow souls of souls.

Childhood milestone in the human spirit as Greek mythology, the world is full of the scent of secular life. Powerful Zeus castrated and deposed  brutal father King, usurped the throne. He is impartial legislators and the judiciary, but also a great man molesting women. Short-ridden hoodlum. Zeus's sixth wife, Hillary, Athena, goddess of war and wisdom and protector aphrodite three women as prostitutes for engraved with "dedicated to the most beautiful woman" them out, actually lead to a decade-long war of Troy. It is the poor quality of the Greek gods, in the sixth century BC, Yasser Miletus small Greek colony in the city, have emerged as a Thales representative of the earliest philosophers, In their exploration of the universe, the existence of God complete set aside. Socrates. Plato and Aristotle is the successor, thus criticizing religion, Western intellectuals traditional government oversight.

In Judeo-Christian values, is a prominent feature of Monotheism. Except belief in God Jehovah prohibited rest. God everywhere and at all times. It is at present completion go on personality god. The gods hold oneself aloof from the masses, and confrontation with the isolated human nature, God made the whole nation and never repealed leases, personal man as a individual member of the nation occurred relationship with God. Directly with God to act according to its precepts. In front of God, everyone is equal. All this will help the popular constitutionalism and the rule of law. Judeo-Christian more often was challenged by external polytheism and internal heresy. the person replaced to God created the world so this motive become motivation that give impetus to the development of science and technology that make understand and transform the nature as its mission. Greek mythology strong feelings of pleasure and entertainment monotheistic Jewish combination, A lurking powerful tension enough to change the sky and land.

Indian subcontinent sank deep in myth unparalleled. That is more than a divine land, as many as 330 million to achieve a mix of God, but is a clever monotheism, because there is absolutely everything from the Brahmins. Brahman is true, the world is an illusion. Masses gods are the highest divinity on different occasions. Only the Vatican (the highest existence) I (soul) as one is true.

From the perspective of comparative religious studies, religion in China has the following characteristics: Religious Ethics and socio-political doctrine difficult ,separate groups as a matter priority to the individual; The family is religious realization importance ancestor worship has transmission from generation to generation is the duty- bounden as a person of culture chain, no filial is the biggest evilly, to nil descendant is the biggest no filial; religious factions of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism deep-rooted together to co-operate with each other; gentlemen’s morality of honest forgive act as Kind-heartedness is  the ideal personality principle. Chinese civilization has the rare continuity in the world, The powerful assimilation to different cultures. its nationals in modest, introverted, gentle and kindhearted, prudence, patience, outstanding quality and character content with one's lot on the other side of speaking greedy, cowardly and indifferent short, Root Mean so bad compromise. Compared with the ancient Greeks, the ancient Chinese the lack of precise analysis of the logic thought. Chinese religious and national personality may see some clues system in his myths.

Different cultures to explore for essence of Beauty, often show distinct ethnic characteristics.

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle proposed that the “Beauty”, mainly in the form of "order, well proportioned and uncertainty."

Kant's view of Germany's classical aesthetes "Beauty is conform purpose to form that when the target is perceived as the representation has not present any purpose." Hegel detailed proof of the system," the “beauty” is an emotional concept shown."

Buddhism originated in India to break fantastic idea, value practice asceticism, as the purpose the purpose, fundamental antagonism with make karma(appreciate the beauty) that main rūpā that attract Eros. Aesthetics have they own special category, such as sa, pari, maha, ect.

On the Chinese character "" meaning Aesthetic Inquiry can be used as the important enter points to study Cathay . according  to the "说文解字" "美,甘也,从羊从大 from the sheep from the big. In six domestic animals sheep are main fed to meals(膳). Good(善) agreement with the Beauty(美). "This shows the unity between the beauty and good meaning. The other hand, From "午马未羊" the folk culture can be drawn : Beauty, out of a horse, riding horses gallop and the Dragon City, moves experience. "Monarch(帝)" meaning not self-evident, that is the man, in a horseback, Chinese aesthetic mainstay.

Based on the know to myth of the whole world, the Author put the system of world myths heaven-earth-human integrated model: the Eastern Hemisphere plateau from the highlands of East Africa, the Arabian plateau, Iranian plateau, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the Mongolia, was roughly north-east zonal distribution. This pattern may be related to the distribution of galactic stars; Genealogy the birthplace of the world's most important myth, the Nile, Euphrates River and the Yellow River are basically vertical distribution to the North West, is a reflection of gravity gradient, the level of the religious theology correspondent with elevation height: Egypt, Greece and China is a low-level, India is a high level. Contemporary American culture is the myth of the Western Hemisphere, Washington, Lincoln, Uncle Sam. Hiroshima atomic bomb destroyed Nagasaki, Japan, the Apollo spacecraft landing on moon, Internet integration into the world information superhighway. This is the American myth of the super text.



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